Losing the Signal

by Jacquie McNish and Sean Silcofflin

It is hard to remember just how pervasive and iconic Blackberry’s were at it’s peak. If you didn’t have one, you wanted one and if you had one, it was a statement about who you were. This book charts the dramatic rise and apocalyptic fall of Blackberry – the one time all dominant handset maker. A couple of key lessons from this story is the difficulty of running a successful company with co-directors, and how not addressing tension between partners can destroy effective management over time. Another lesson was how much feedback Blackberry was getting from its industry partners that it chose to ignore and which directly contributed to its demise. Enthralling.

Countdown to Zero Day

by Kim Zetter

This is easily the coolest IT book ever written. It’s all about Stuxnet – no doubt you remember Stuxnet, but do you understand what it was and how important it was for global warfare? Stuxnet was the dawn of state sponsored cyber warfare, as opposed to state sponsored cyber espionage which has been rampant. This is a James Bond style thriller that will give you a giant wake up call if you aren’t sure whether you are doing enough to secure your IT systems or business infrastructure.

Faster Higher Farther

by Jack Ewing

This book charts the astonishing corruption at the heart of the VW ‘dieselgate’ scandal. What VW has done will surely go down as one of the most ecologically polluting and physically damaging acts towards humans that any corporation has perpetrated in Europe since WWII – the effects of which will be felt for at least a generation in terms of respiratory illnesses and ecological degradation. And for what? The author uncovers all the key actors in the scandal, what they knew when, why they did it and the role of one of the most powerful and famous families in Germany in the scandal. The author’s sources are remarkable and he illuminates a scandal that feels unjust but hasn’t yet been proved to go all the way to the top. See who you think is guilty after reading this!


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