Executive & Director Coaching

Do you want to turbo charge your career or personal development? We provide intensive coaching for Directors, Executives or anyone wanting to be either.

Whether you have one specific goal or a range of objectives, we can help you. Some of the goals people we coach have are:

  • Maximising their strengths and minimising their weaknesses
  • Increasing their emotional intelligence
  • Becoming a better leader or learning how to manage more effectively
  • Increasing personal effectiveness and efficiency
  • Getting promoted
  • Growing their business
  • Solving HR and talent issues
  • Knowing what they need to learn, or which direction to go, in order to progress or win an opportunity they desire
  • Solving confidence issues and breaking free of self limiting beliefs that are holding them back


If you aren’t achieving your goals or growing as fast you desire, then we’ll use proven methods and tools to turn you into a metaphorical rocketship.

Our coaching is personalised, tailored to your needs and uses a variety of carefully selected tools and techniques to deliver you results. Coaching begins with a free initial consultation to understand your unique needs. During that consultation, we will together decide on a coaching format and frequency that best suits your needs, goals and budget – from a half day deep dive to long term observational coaching.

We work with people of all backgrounds – Call Now to arrange your free consultation!