Start-ups & Micro Business

Start-ups and micro businesses are fun, exciting and extremely hard work. The energy they provide is infectious as they struggle to survive until they plough through the messy middle and eventually change the world. The decisions are constant and endless and small missteps now can create enormous headaches later. Reigate Business Advisory is a unique Accounting Firm and Business Advisory specialising in helping start-ups and micro businesses navigate the exciting unknown.

We can give you the tools and systems you need to generate profits, attract and retain staff that fit your culture, and all the while becoming financially sustainable.

The service we offer is comprehensive and unique. We will help your business to become more profitable with:

  • The right operational and corporate structuring¬†that drive profit
  • Systemising repetitive processes to free you energy for the creative side of your business
  • Avoiding costly early mistakes
  • Specialist analysis of your business pressures, stress points and opportunities
  • Business planning, market placement and segmentation
  • Traditional, social, online, viral and specialist marketing
  • Management and operational structures, and
  • Attracting and retaining high quality teams.

We provide strategic advice, practical tools and management support to help you avoid costly early missteps so you can go on to change the world.